Cyberspace and Cyberculture

the new social and governance field


  • Rodolfo Ward
  • Cleomar Rocha
  • Suzete Venturelli


Cyberspace, Cyberculture, Cybersecurity, Privacy


Abstract: This paper discusses how governance on cyberspace used cyberculture elements and is increasingly using data to homogenize behaviors and social groups. It is intended to discuss historical and philosophical issues through transdisciplinary study, gathering political sciences, communications, sociology and international relations to demonstrate that people are taking social network platforms, exposing their privacy and facilitating data capture by large companies. We will see social behaviors on social network platforms and how power groups have used data to manipulate social groups.




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Ward, R., Rocha, C., & Venturelli, S. (2022). Cyberspace and Cyberculture: the new social and governance field. Revista Brasileira Em Humanidades Digitais, 1(1), 99–115. Recuperado de